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The Digital Screen Network - What is it?

The Digital Screen Network (DSN) is en route to becoming the new standard for in-house advertising and promotion. The DSN is a communication network that engages, educates and informs your clients or audience. Essentially, the DSN is a network of screens set up at various locations - doctors office, dentists office, local restaurants, local businesses etc. - that displays informative content and engages your patrons. Consider the following statistics regarding Place-Based Media and digital signage:

Hard Facts*:

  • Dynamic signs attract 500% more viewer notice than static signs
  • 76% of buying decisions are made in-store
  • 30% increase in average purchase using dynamic in-store signage

Soft Facts*: In-store dynamic signage ...

  • improved visitor experience by 80%
  • increased sales by 50%
  • increased brand recall by 40%
  • increased traffic by 33%


How does it work?

DSN is an onsite media network that allows for real-time distribution of graphic and video content to screens in your office through the internet. This network is a complete turn-key solution that requires no management by you or your staff. Our repository of entertaining and engaging content will play in a loop sequence alongside slides that we will create to promote any specific messaging you may request. These slides are 100% customizable and can promote any topic that you would like!

Getting Started is Easy!

When you sign-up with DSN, you get access to a diverse database of slides so you can quickly start informing and educating your clients. This content may be specific to a topic that you wish to promote during different times of the year or month.

A standard installation involves:

  • Site survey 
  • Equipment installation
  • Large format display (HDTV)
  • Media player
  • Mount and cables

If you already have a display at your business you can use your existing hardware if it meets the DSN minimum hardware requirements. 


A unique feature to DSN is the unparalleled support services that come standard on every package. We provide remote network and hardware monitoring solutions that mean your screen will never be down since our technicians can detect network and hardware issues before they happen!


Advertising Revenue

Not only is the DSN a great way to advertise and promote, it can also be a source of advertising revenue! Ask us about our Advertising Revenue Sharing program!


If you are a company that sells products, services or experiences, then digital signage should be part of your promotional toolkit!


*Source: ScreenScape 

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